Let It Fall Into Place

October 1st, 2016
There’s nothing better than the cool crisp autumn air. The color of all the leafs changing, pumpkin just about everywhere. The vibes. The list goes on and on. 

There has always been something so beautiful and elegant about it all. It’s like the world is trying to tell us, even through the bad, (the earth practically dying) there is beauty that can be found. And even the stance that change is good. Without the change, how else are we suppose to move along and experience whatever else this world has to offer. 

The last loveliest kiss of the summer, the reminder to live and take in the beauty, the bliss of knowing there’s adventures waiting, the comfort that comes along… Oh how fall puts everything into place…

For me, I know this is a memorable time. A lot of fun and good memories come from this season. This year has been no exception. A big trip already planned, an amazing concert in 24 days, and of course the holidays. I also consider this as a time of love- of heartwarming gestures if you will. This year I plan on making it just as memorable and more. 

Remember to take a breath, take a walk through a lovely forest, love while you can, and fall into place.


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