A Postcard From The Edge

November 30th. 2016.



“One pill, two pill, three pill, the bottle.
One pill, two pill, three pill, new pill.
This one has a lil line
This one looks like a dime

What a lot of pills we have.

Yes, some are white. Some are blue.
Some are green, and some smell like glue.

Some make you sad.
Some make you glad.
And some make you feel very bad.

Why do they make you sad, glad, and are bad?
Ask your doc.”

– JustAnotherWildHeart


From getting a stomach pumped I learned a lot. I mean. For one, if you really try, you can get away from worried people with a simple smile and a nod. I didn’t have any intention in overdosing. I swear I thought I hadn’t taken the ones I already did. I’m not suicidal. Maybe I was taking them because I was just happy with a decision I had made. Or did I take them because I was depressed of what I had done and the decisions that were around me. Who even really knows.

It seems lately more things keep going downhill. “What most go down. Might stay down for a little while, will eventually come up. It’s all cohesive my dear.” said my wonderful adopted internet mother. (That’s a good story to tell one day.) However, this old lady is right. I may suffer, and it will be hell. But hopefully, soon, I will come up.







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